Translation pricing and ordering

Calculation unit
Prices for standard translations are calculated based on a page unit of 1800 characters of source text. The statutory unit for sworn translations is 1,125 characters of target text.
Should it prove impracticable to count the number of characters in a document, pricing will be based on an estimate. The invoiced amount will be calculated using the number of characters in the target documents, meaning that OUR CLIENTS NEVER OVERPAY.
How to check the number of characters
Open your document in Microsoft Word and select ‚??Word Count‚?Ě from the ‚??Tools‚?Ě menu. To calculate the number of pages, divide the result by 1,800.
Pricing of non-standard documents
Sources which do not comply with volumetric standards, such as books or data storage devices, e.g. CD, DVD, are priced individually.
Please contact the office:

-    using the online form,
-    by phone,
-    by e-mail,
-    by instant messaging (Skype, GG).

Materials to be priced may be delivered by email or post, courier service or in person.

Quote request form

(type of a document, number of pages, language of a translation, realization term)

Please provide information on the translation. Our Staff will contact you within 20 minutes.

We kindly inform you that our office is open Monday through Friday, from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Outside of business hours, including weekends and holidays, please call +48 604 529 444.