Conferences, international events, business and private meetings, negotiations, press conferences, training sessions and group sightseeing tours‚??we're there to interpret!

We offer 3 kinds of interpretation:

a) Informal
A popular service performed without equipment. The interpreter discreetly translates, in a low voice, the proceedings of a meeting to a client, or those parts of the proceedings that the client hasn't understood.

b) Simultaneous (or booth)
The interpreter translates as the words are spoken. Clients listen on headsets, thus receiving the translation with only a slight delay. This kind of translation requires absolute perfection from the interpreter, excellent command of grammar and vocabulary, accuracy and experience.

c) Consecutive
An interpreter takes notes during a speech, and then presents the content to the listeners. The material is usually delivered in blocks several sentences in length.

Our interpreters are always fully prepared for each meeting and always possess thorough knowledge of industry jargon.
We look forward to working with you!

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